For Businesses

Do you run a business that engages with the public?

  • A hotel

  • Restaurant

  • Coffee shop

  • Retail store

The music (or lack of music) that you play in your store or workplace has a huge subconscious effect on the ambience and overall feel of your establishment.

How a location “feels” and how your brand is represented to your clients are largely impacted by the acoustics that clients experience¬†in your businesses’ space.

Our curation team will spend time understanding your brand and the mood you are looking to create and develop a custom music experience for your business. Our customised playlists are updated and sent to you each month so that you have the peace of mind that your clients experience the mood of your establishment the way that you envision it.

Give us some information about your business below so that we can come back to you with a plan to enhance your brand through music.